Wellness Experiences

Seven Colours’ philosophy is based on the idea that everyone should achieve their own definition of well-being in relation to their life-style, character and outlook.

Knowing how to respond to feelings and emotions, understanding their surroundings, these are the ways to inner equilibrium, leading to inner calm.


Seven Colours Wellness Experiences

Seven Colours honours each individual’s unique needs through our philosophy to provide a total well-being experience of body, mind and energy.

Seven Colours treatments are inspired by the wisdom of ancient natural healing techniques combined within the Mauritian culture of caring. The power of touch and devoted attention are the guiding principles allowing guests to find a deep state of harmony. Benefits of botanicals, aromatherapy and energetic application are designed to enhance the individual’s personal preferences and requirements to create an experience that is holistic.

Wellness lifestyle is encouraged through educational programmes whereby patrons take the curative benefits of well-being into the broader context of their lives to encourage health and self-nurturing. A philosophy that awakens consciousness through harmonizing body, mind and energy creates awareness of wellness as a state of being.